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Welcome to Chicago Clerkships! If you are here, you are most likely an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or medical student who is looking to build your CV and get the hands-on experience and references that you need to secure a U.S. residency placement.

Chicago Clerkships offers International Medical Graduates quality, personalized support, and various services to help you build your portfolio and present a strong application for the U.S. residency match process.

Visit our website to see all the services Chicago Clerkships offers!

Chicago Clerkships is a local, Chicago-based company. We contract with generalist and specialist physicians across the Chicago area to provide IMGs with high-quality clinical placements that provide hands-on clinical training and references to build a residency application and succeed in the match.

Because we are located in the Chicago area, we can guarantee a smooth relocation process and provide personalized support and communication that our national competitors cannot provide. We know Chicago, and so we can help you navigate housing and transportation, and facilitate a top-notch clinical experience (USCE) placement for you.

Our Guarantee

**Our clients will know where their placement is located well in advance.
**The placement will be accessible by public transportation or by our shuttle.
**Our clients will receive a high-quality, hands-on clinical experience.
**Our clients will have the opportunity to request and receive a letter of reference.


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